Iphone 5 pricing! estimation T minus 9 days

. Wednesday, December 5, 2012
As previous iphone 4s below the below diagram reflect the price.
So i estimate it will be the same as previous listing!
Lets hope for the best and the price is the same as below!

iPhone 5 Malaysia prices
It has not been announced yet but from past experience and by  extrapolating, prices for Malaysia market is likely to be as follows (at current exchange rate):
16GB : RM2,299.00
32GB : RM2,599.00
64GB : RM2,899.00
Given that Malaysia prices are RM100 lower than the extrapolated US versus Singapore prices, I am putting my money on Malaysia prices starting at RM2,199 (16GB).

Yes! Iphone 5 coming this 14th December 2012 to Msia!

. Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Officially !

iPhone 5 officially available in Malaysia on 14th December

Apple has officially announced that the iPhone 5 is coming to more countries this month with Malaysian release next Friday, 14th December.
South Korea will be getting it first this coming Friday 7th December while the other countries including Malaysia, Philippines, China and Taiwan having it a week later.
In terms of pricing, there shouldn’t be any difference from the iPhone 4S when it was first launched in Malaysia, starting from RM2,199 for the 16GB version.
Telco bundling is expected from the big 3 telcos and registration of interest should start anytime soon.
For those that prefer to buy one without contract, we are expecting the Apple Store to sell the iPhone 5 unlocked without contract.

ios 6.0.1 Jailbroken! iphone 5 , iphone 4s /ipad 2 and A5 devices

. Monday, December 3, 2012
Been waiting for the ios jailbreak have no fear keep in touch with this excel from time to time and blog from absthine and red sn0w surely you can get them.

The list!

The ultimate unthethered GUIDE!

Choose your jailbreaking software!

Absinthe AKA green Pois0n!

Well good luck guys!


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